It's July 20th.  Which means that August is just around the corner.  Which means that school starts in 1 month.

I feel like I'm running out of time.

My list of projects to complete before summer ends is still huge.

I still need to practice my opera audition.

In fact... I still need to warm up my voice because it's been basically dormant this whole summer aside from worship leading.

I have 3 books to finish for the Freshman class I am assisting with.

.... I also have a lesson plan to write for one of their first days of class.

On top of all this, I need to get some pictures onto an external hard drive ASAP because my computer has turned its' speed from supa-fast to extreme-slug.  

And somehow... amidst all these "to-do's".... the only thing I want to do is sleep, sit in the sun, and attend the art fair today.

But alas.  I have a  50's party to host and plan for.  Herbs to purchase.  Decor to construct.  Books to read.  Etc. etc. etc.

Any tips on relieving the stress that comes with to-do lists?  How about on motivating yourself? :)

Oh, and the weather is cool enough to finally wear a t-shirt!!  My week of t-shirts might be kind of sporadic depending on whether I start sweating my a** off or not.... it's been gloriously warm as of late.

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  1. i feel the same way!! I am a teacher and go back on Aug. 20th but will definitely be doing work starting in August. I have things I want to do before school starts but all I want to do is sit outside, watch tv or go shopping!! I think the key would be to try to find a few times a week to be super productive and then completely enjoy the rest!

  2. oh, i feel you! summer kind of flies in the pnw doesn't it? right when it begins it's already about to end. good luck to you!