Gosh.  My husband is so sexy when he leads this family.  I can't even handle it sometimes.  
Every 1st (ish) of the month, Matt and I head down to the coffee shop and do our monthly budget together.
We review every single purchase and enter them onto a Google Docs spreadsheet, tracking how much we spend on various categories (groceries, eating out, unique expenses, etc.)  For the month of June, I decided to keep track of everything via sticky notes. We designated a certain amount of $$ for each category, and I wrote everything down to make sure we didn't go over.
Somehow, it didn't work.
I felt like a failure.
We did our budget yesterday, and, Matt was a bit frustrated (that is putting it lightly).  It totally threw me off, because Matt is never frustrated.  He is the sweetest, most forgiving, and believe-in-you kind of guy that their is.

On top of that, it's right around that time of the month for this girl and I had been feeling a bit "neglected".
When I told him this, he was only frustrated further.
He told me how he had tried to do so many special things for me this week because he knew I would need it.
He reminded me of how we always go where I want, do what I want, watch the movies I want, and eat what I want.
He reminded me that he spends NO MONEY, and works so hard for our family.
He told me about how every decision he makes is for our family - both present and future.
He was so nice about it all that I just turned into a big pile of mush. 

It's so hard - being a girl and a wife and frugal and responsible and in school and young....
Sometimes all those "identities" don't mesh together very well.
But the bottom line is this: God has called me to be a WIFE, and that means dying to myself and serving and helping my husband.  And I think I've done a pretty mediocre job of that lately.

And after that whole conversation, we went to the best wedding ever.
You know it's the best wedding ever when you end up with pictures like these:

[oh and when your best friend is there.... that helps]

[singing our hearts out.]


[dancing our hearts out]

[ms. darling]

[and of course... some smoochin' after the wine sets in.]

But I think my favorite picture might be this one....
[in which my sweet husband was yelling: "Everybody upstairs!!!!!!!" ..... even though we alllll knew you couldn't go upstairs.]

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  1. I understand how that goes. I swear me and my hubs were having that same conversation last week. I was emotional {time of month} and we were going over budgeting and saving for vacation and such... I swear same situation and probably same conversation. We all fall short. the good thing is that we rise above it. I like your mind set. also fantastic pictures. Looks like a great wedding!

  2. Oh my goooooooorsh. Okay, lady. God is taking me through these SAME lessons as a wife right now. Not kidding. My hubs is the same patient kind of a guy, ALSO spending NO money, ALSO taking me the places I want to go, letting me buy the things I want to have. It's ridiculous and humbling and it does make you feel like a failure. We are SERIOUSLY going through the same thing. Wowza.

  3. That wedding really looks great!!! :) Cant wait to see ur next posts... :)


  4. amen, sister. being a wife the way we were designed to be is not a piece of cake for sure. I wound so easily when my husband has to remind me that I'm lacking in some area...it just hurts extra because I really want to please him, but he loves me enough to gently remind me of those things. hang in there--they say you get better at this stuff with time :)