the iPhone's eye.

1) Keys at Church 
2) fruit salad
3) coffee
4) coffee + bible
5) Featured in a grocery store magazine!!
6) husband's wine vs. my wine
7) coffe + bible.... again
8) hubs and his championship team
9) ruby
10) pool time!
11) surprise date day planned by matthew.
12) peanut butter and honey.... always
13) a day in the life. and the wonderful picfx app. 

The iPhone's eye makes my life look pretty great.
But somewhere in there are conversations with my husband involving our future which we can't seem to agree upon....
 A new budget that is stretching me and pushing me to my limits...
A day of feeling so sick to my stomach the only meal I ate was breakfast..
And things of that nature.
Not. Perfect. 

But in the end.... life is pretty great, isn't it?
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  1. YAY for your honey being featured in the magazine!! Woo woo

  2. Love your pics, and your real life, too.

  3. Hey pretty lady, did Shabby Apple contact YOU or was it the other way around about hosting a giveaway?


  4. These DO look great!! But sorry things haven't been too awesome :(
    But I guess it's the un-awesome times that make the awesome, awesomer!!!

  5. You've got a great way of looking at things!! I've also been on a crazy strict budget lately for our new home/wedding/honeymoon. It's crazy hard, but you can do it!!