Honey, hair-dye, and hats.

[shoes: UO // jeans: Gap // tee & watch: Nordstrom // bandeau: Nordstrom rack // hat: H&M // necklace: gift // bangals: F21]

So, I ate an entire QUART of honey in about 2 weeks time.
I was wondering why I was gaining weight so quickly and figured it was just the swelling from the monthly curse.... 
Until Matt and I figured out exactly how many grams of sugar I was consuming every day and converted it to "how many candy bars I am eating in honey".  

It was depressing.
Or 5 Snicker bars.
Take your pick.
My solution?  Immediately go on the cave-man diet. 
As if I need a diet.  But hey..... I've got to reverse this before I'm on a beach in my bikini in LA.  Seriously.

But how am I supposed to resist my favorite snack of ALL time - spoonfuls of peanut butter and honey - when we have an endless supply of that gooey deliciousness that our millions of employees (bees) work so hard to make?? 


Also, the roots of my grown-out-and-bleached hair are pretty horrific currently.  Even though it's July now, I have been wearing a hat pretty much every day in an attempt to cover up the embarrassment that is my head.  
My hair appointment is on August 1st.
Can I hold out that long?
We will see. 
The inch and a half long roots might have some other agenda.
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  1. What a cute outfit! I love how casual it is.

  2. Sometimes a little sugar is good for the soul, or at least that's what my sweet tooth tells me lol. Your fresh honey sounds delicious!

  3. Honey sounds amazing, I couldn't control myself if it was around all the time!


  4. The "15 Reese's cups a day" made me laugh out loud. So funny. It's true...your honey is really good! :)

  5. What what WHAT? LA?! Which part? When? Where do you live now? xoxo

  6. you know, if you wait long enough your hair will turn the ever-so-popular ombre! I figured that one out by accident ;).