Home Tour Part 1: Our Yard

Even though I don't speak of it much, I am in love with our yard. 
The past year and a half has been full of projects, renovation, flowers, and creativity.  
I wanted to share a little piece of my hobby with you this morning (yes, it is still morning.  This is what happens when you wake up at 9:30.)

First of all, every morning I get up and water my flowers.  Ever since my wonderful mom asked me to water her flowers one day, I have had a love for these living beauties and a need to spend 30 minutes of my morning in the sunshine with them.  It's a sort of relaxation therapy for me.

For those of you who think that gardening is too great a feat to tackle... it's really not that bad.
The planting takes an afternoon at most.
The weeding I do mayyyybe once a week (if my flowers are lucky),
and the watering takes 30 minutes daily - but I get a great tan out of it. AND, I love to put my iPod in my iHome and listen to some Zac Brown Band radio.  It's a great summer hobby.

Now for the million and a half pictures I took this morning...

[outfit picture via window this morning in honor of husband's absence]

[pear tree!]

[cherry tree]

[my husband built this.  he's amazing.]


[just some stickers on my pikachu vehicle]

[did I mention I like to snowboard?]

[there she is.  so beautiful.]

[da front]

[waiting to be planted.  thanks mom!!!!!]

[we spend time here]

[hanging flower pots complete the floral look in the front]

[we also hang out here.]

[backyard sunflowers]

[our bees!  70,000 ish in there]

[the greatest flowers ever. perennials, too!]

[more fuscias in the backyard.  shade plants.]

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  1. wow! i'm inspired-) Your garden is lovely-love the variety!

  2. how lovely! is bee keeping difficult? I've always wanted to give it a try

  3. I love your house! It's so cute and well-kept! (Sorry if I sound like a stalker!)


  4. love it love it love it! I love seeing other people's yards. Love especially your hanging planter...and so jealous of that table your hubby built! We would love to have bees soon...been scouting out some hives locally. That, and chickens!

  5. Holy crap you live in my dream house. Where in the world do you live? That is TOO GORGEOUS. I need your home. Please and thankyou.