The 5th of July

Seeing as how my 4th of July consisted of barista-ing, my husband worked on the honey business all day, we did dinner prep and then some humble firework-gazing.... I don't have much to show for the holiday. 

I think my favorite part of the day was the man standing behind us who gave a 20-minute long NONSTOP commentary during the fireworks.  "Oh, see that?  That one's a dud.  Yup.  Told ya.  Oh here we go, two shot off.  See, one, two.  There they were.  Oh yeah this'll be a good one.  Hear how loud that was?  This'll be real good *BOOM* yup!! See.  Oh yeah, the little guy down there is lighting the fuse."
I was laughing so hard.  It sounded like an SNL skit was taking place behind me.

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  1. hahaha I just laughed out loud at the guy's commentary! I love people like that! I also love when the comment on what animals are doing at the zoo.

  2. Hahaha that's co funny! I hate to admit this, but I'm like that... except with animals...


  3. Haha!!! We had the same thing... Except it was a 4 year old kid; it was the funniest thing I've ever heard during a fireworks show!


  4. Hahaha that sounds absolutely hilarious! He should be best friends with the guy in front of us who had his fingers stuck straight in his ears the whole time, elbows as far out as they could go!

  5. You look adorable to the max!!


  6. My friend Jodi introduced us to a game she's played all her life at the fireworks - where each person picks a color and when a firework goes off in that color they yell MINE! I have no idea why, but it put us into a fit of giggles. Nothing like laughing your way through a firework display!!

    I also am in love with this top. Super cute!

    The Blue Hour

  7. Pretty pretty girl!!! Hahah, love that you got a commentary of the fireworks as you were watching them. SO crazy. Hope you're doing well, girl!

  8. Imagining that guys commentary just made me laugh. SOME people...I'm Janna, the one that won the LIY Giveaway, so I wanted to come check out your blog more! Glad you had a happy 4th!

  9. i am in LOVE with your shoes. deeply, deeply in love.