Trips, good-bye's, and t-shirts.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing. 
Especially when it's to two people who have been so encouraging, so inspirational, and so fun to be around.
So instead of saying goodbye to Eric and Hannah, I want to say "see you later".  Goodbye implies something that won't be a reality for us - it implies forgetfulness.  But I think it will be quite difficult to forget the impact you've had on our lives here, so, see you later, hopefully around New Year's. :)

Eric and Hannah, thanks for the example you have set for the couples around you at our church.  Thank-you for your selfless attitudes and willingness to serve - you have impacted Outward more than you know and you will be dearly missed!!

[Hannah - however you escaped most of the pictures is kind of beyond me.]
[steph and I enjoying the most bomb-est salted caramel hemp drinks at Backporch Coffee Roasters]

[the only picture of Hannah!!!! and Annika and Steph looking great as always]

[does this really need a caption?]

[plenty of unexpected pictures were taken]

[the centers of attention]

[eric and zoe]


And just when you thought I was done overloading you with pictures.....
T-shirts Day 6!!!!!!
[hat: h&m men's section // shirt: from mrs janelle lecount // skirt: consignment shop (gap brand) // shoes: blowfish // watch: nordstrom's // bangle: F21]

[THANK YOU to Janelle for giving me this awesome t-shirt when she found out about my t-shirt challenge! I love it.]

[in the backseat - in disbelief at the length of my own locks.]

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  1. The cigar picture and your tee-shirt outfit, both awesome!

  2. that cigar picture. oh my word.


    and those are some cute pups. :)

  3. Love you rocking the t'shirt. Cigar pic is too funny!

    Ashton from: