T-shirts: Day 7

The final day of t-shirts.  As you can tell, I am itching to be OUT of t-shirts and back into the 90% of my closet that is staring me down every morning, wondering why I have abandoned it.  I kind of feel like a striped-V-neck tee is cheating.  But. I also feel like it's not.  

[shoes: Style&Co ($10 at Goodwill... I know) // skirt: F21 // t-shirt: j.crew]

By the way, I need your help.
Tomorrow I am spending the entire day with my best friend before she leaves to study abroad in Argentina.  I'm planning kind of a.... pseudo-date (seeing as how we are not dating, but at the same time....)  
So to all you girls out there who have a best friend, what would YOU do on your last day with them for like 7 months?  Any ideas are welcome.  I've got a temporary itinerary.... but still, the more minds to put this together the better.  It needs to be the special-est.  :)
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  1. I love your skirt! its soo pretty!


  2. Make best friend collages together at a coffee shop or your kitchen table, and give them to one another (write a letter on the back, and have music playing). Trade a shirt or favorite necklace with one another, take LOTS of pictures, have a picnic outside, don't wear shoes all day, go on a drive with the windows down singing at the top of your lungs together, and pray over each other.

  3. manicures and pedicures? maybe?

    loving that outfit, btw!

  4. I would probably turn it into a bunch of little "dates", a picnic, a coffeeshop, our favorite shops, a few favorite places for lots of little memories jam packed into one day!

  5. pedicures for sure! especially because she will be in a foreign country where she probably won't get one for a few months!! and enjoy all her favorite american foods :)

  6. that skirt is beautiful!! we have matching tattoos - mine is just on my back!

  7. Photos, for sure. You could make the day of photos and videos because it would lead you to all sorts of spontaneous experiences, and then you'd have all of the wonderful documentation of the last day!

  8. LOVE your shoes. And only $10? Goodwill is the best isn't it?! Hope you and your best friend figured out something fun to do :)