New Orleans and Giveaway Winner!!

I know it's supposed to be awkward and awesome Thursday... and trust me, this week has been filled with both of those things.  I could tell you all about passing out on a plane (AGAIN) 
[thank goodness my husband works in diabetes and knows how to cure low glucose levels.  OJ to the rescue.]
and how I rode for a solid 45 minutes in the galley with my sweet husband...

or how I tripped and fell flat on my face at work and turned bright red.  Shad can attest to this.

OR I could just show you this picture..

and have you marvel at the awkwardness of it all on your own.  

And then of course if I were to share some "awesomes", I would probably tell you how cool New Orleans is, and how I grinned like an idiot for an hour or so straight listening to live jazz music that blew my mind.  

But that's probably all I'd have to say about all that tonight. 

On another note, congratulations to NOEL for winning the $50 giveaway!!! 

Thanks for posting about said giveaway on your FB and following along! Send me an email!!

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  1. Pooh on that plane! And yay for sweet Matt, and grinning in New Orleans.