Hey guys. Can I just share why I love marriage so much?

Maybe it's the whole living with your best friend part.
Or the random trips you take together.
Or the nights spent talking about ideas about the future.
And the thought of babies.
Learning.  Always learning.
And growing.
Or maybe it's just those nights where you sit in your adirondack chairs butt naked and whisper so the neighbors who are right on the other side of your fence don't know you're outside..... naked.....
Not that we'd ever do that. :)


It's been on heckuhvuh Friday.  Bible study with my girls, garage sale-ing (read: scored 2 huge chest things for $1 each.  Oh happy day.), assisting Tara with a photo shoot, cleaning my house, and now I am about to finish my first ever pillow with my wonderful friend Megan.

In other words, it's just a wife-beater+jean shorts+jean jacket kind of day.
So happy Friday to you. 

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  1. Found your blog today--it is completely adorable and I'm so excited to follow along!
    And I totally love marriage for all of those reasons too!

  2. Naked? Adirondack chairs? Hopefully your neighbors don't read your blog :P
    Hope your weekend was fabulous!