Matt and I were ex.haust.ed. this morning.  The 5x we each whacked our snooze buttons resembled an angry attack at an annoying fly that keeps landing on your nose. Go. AWAY! DIE!
  Gooooood luck waking the Larsons up.
We were zonked.

The weekend was eventful.  Rehearsal dinners, wedding set-up and tear down, brunch, family, laughs, tears... the whole bit.  Weddings are important to attend as a married couple, I think.  It fuels the fire that once burned so obviously and bright between spouses.  And of course it's never a bad thing to hear advice from the couple who wins the "married-the-longest" dance... "Always think of the other person first", and when answering the question How do you do it? Gary said, "By the Grace of God."  Right.  God is at the center.  Thanks for the reminder, Gary.  We admire you and appreciate your wisdom so very much. 

Matt is helping me to learn how important it is to be the one who is ready and willing to serve at any point.  He is such an amazing server, and I am generally pretty selfish with my time and energy.  We had a great chat after the wedding (until 2am!!! what are we, dating?) about how important it is to be helpful, to be selfless, to be the ones who put the chairs away, who carry the things people forget, to ask if anybody needs help.  Not because we want to be known for these things, but because Christ calls us to love and to die to ourselves.  I love that Matt is constantly making me a better person and doing such an amazing job at leading our family.  I feel closer to you than ever Matthew.  Thanks for leading so well, and helping to shape and sharpen my character.  You are a great husband, and God must be so proud of the person He created you to be.

Surprisingly, I didn't take many pictures this weekend.  The Larson Farm was a zoo of people that I was trying to keep track of and catch up with, so here are a couple pictures I happened to snap somewhere amidst the madness.

[beautiful flowers by Monique]

[pom pom carnation ball - from wedding.  the rest is from my house]

[shoes: AE // skirts: H&M // blouse: j.crew // visor (haha): silver lake // earrings: Nordstrom // glasses: F21]

As you can see, I went pretty casual today.  Those H&M skirts (yes, I am wearing 2 because they are a bit see-through) are WONDERS.  Those little pieces of material make my legs feel like they've died and gone to material-fleecy-heaven. 
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  1. Loved your reflections on serving - a reminder I needed to hear! Thanks for being God's hands and feet to me in that way today. Love you!