Back to Basics, a Wedding, and Giveaway Note*

[shoes: Blowfish // jeans: 7forallmankind // tee: clearance @ target // hat: men's section @ H&M // bengals: F21]

So much to share today and NO TIME!!!!!!!
Matt and I are already 30 minutes behind schedule.  We are headed to Vancouver for his sister's wedding which is tomorrow (last of 4 kids to be married off.... big day).  

It's also my parental-in-laws' 39th anniversary ..... happy anny fam!!!!

It's ALSO a 2 year anniversary for me and my sweet husband.... two years ago today we called it "official" (not even facebook official though so don't get too excited) and started our dating journey.

So here we go - out the door for a weekend of celebrating love.  I love love!!!!!!!!

***Giveaway note:
I actually did the giveaway wrong.  Everyone is supposed to enter on Casey Wiegand's page, BUT, since I announced that I will be doing one over here too, I will follow through and do both a giveaway as a part of her group giveaway, AND my own individual one.  So keep entering on MY BLOG if you want to win the $50 gift card over here!!!!

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  1. I've been following for a while now...LOVE your style and this outfit has to be one of my favs! I hear Vancouver is AMAZING-have a great weekend!

  2. We were engaged in Vancouver, so that city holds a special place in my heart! Hope you have blast - it's beautiful there.


  3. Happy anniversary to you and the mister, and your parents, and congrats to new couple! :) love your oversized shirt, so cute!

  4. Love the casual and comfy look. You look so pretty and laid back. Sorry you are so busy have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Love your hat!!! Über cute. So the entries I did on here did or didn't count for a giveaway?? Leave a commen on my blog letting me know?!


  6. I love love love these photos! Visiting from Casey Leigh and loving your blog so far! Off to read some more. :) Happy weekend, sugar! xo