Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

It's Thursday, right? 
My days are all confused in my head.
How can it be possible that yesterday all day I thought it was Thursday, and today I also feel like it's Thursday?
Brains are weird.

Anyway, on with it then.


The collapsable-pile-of-worthlessness that I became as I got a hand cramp while carrying a bag of ice at work.  The customers could probably have written it off as a psychotic outbreak.

The guy who ordered tea at 10 minutes to closing last night.  He looked particularly confused, and then stood at the cream and sugar station for a solid 6 minutes, making different faces at himself in our mirror.  What.  The.  

The long pauses and stares I have adopted while having conversations with people.  Yep, I am that person now.  The one who is awkward to talk to because she stops and just stares at you and says nothing.  

My travel-appearance choices.  I decided to wear no makeup, a t-shirt, and jean shorts.  Oh and don't even mention my rat's nest hair. 


Heading off to nanny the cutest 4 year old on the planet today.  Miss Ruby Roo.

Realizing it's almost July.  Which means I am 1 month closer to graduating from college next year.  (Yes, I am already anticipating graduation.)

Getting to spend Father's Day with my father in Mississippi.  It was truly special and a never-to-be-forgotten trip.

Alright.  How about you people out there?  Awkward moments from your week? 
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  1. You look so cute in those pics! And my awkward moment of the week would have to be when I realized I had chocolate on my lip all afternoon at work. Guess my sweet tooth it community knowledge now!

  2. This morning when I got to work, one of the custodial staff members was getting ready to mop the break room. He had his cart blocking off the pathway to the fridge. Clearly seeing that I had a lunchbox in my hand, he continued to just stare at me and watch me attempt to maneuver around the cart. Eventually, I just said, "I'm sorry. I need to put this in the fridge."

    He grunted at me, replied a sharp, "YES," and moved the cart out of the way.

    I made it up to my little office 2 minutes late because of it. UGH. I felt like an idiot.

  3. haha. I wish I could have seen that tea guy! you should take pictures if he comes in again. ;)

  4. I had a tshirt day today! I thought of you :) I remember at the shop when you would always have that person who insisted on coming in and spending ages in the changing rooms when the door was clearly half shut so no new people would come in! You nanny? That is so awesome! I looked after a 17 month old girl over last summer and it was crazy but such good fun :)

  5. I'm the queen of wearing t-shirts. Of course I'll pile on a good dose of accessories to dazzle it up. I think that's ok? I'm a new follower from Erin's blog, LIY. Looking forward to following along! :)