Awkward and Awesome Thursday!! (And $50 giveaway to follow)

Driving away from GovCup with an 8oz coffee perched atop my moving vehicle. 30 seconds later I heard a "ker-plunk" and immediately realized why everyone at the stoplight (on foot and in cars) had been staring at me.  Kind of a blow to the self-confidnece.... I just thought I must've been having a pretty good hair day. 

... Repeating this class act about 3 days later as I left my house.  Same stares.  Same noise.  Same realization.

You know what's awkward?  Auto-correct.  Can I get an amen?  Why does my phone think I would ever be using the acronym IRS, when clearly I just want to type "it's" with bad grammar???

Apparently, me having sunglasses on = other people are invisible.  I get some pretty blatant stares sometimes and I think to myself, "Hey man.  Just because you can't see my eyes doesn't mean they ain't lookin' at you lookin' at me."

The "welcome" announcement I made from stage at church.  Seriously, they shouldn't ask me to lead worship.... this means I am both doing the "hey-why-don't-you-shake-someone's-hand" announcing, but also the general welcoming to the church.... which turned out a little something like this...  "Hey everyone will you stand and worship with us!" ....... "Welcome to Outward Church! But reverse those.  Put those announcements in the reverse order.
Yup.  Awk McAwkwardson.


One word: Shellac.

One acronym: BFFZ

One place: You know the one.

And yes, I will be doing a $50 giveaway in an hour or two.  So don't forget to check back and enter!
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  1. The sunglasses thing is SO true. They must have super powers.

  2. my phone thinks FB (facebook) should be FBI. real awkward. too funny about the coffee cup on the car! :)

  3. Your nails are awesome! And I totally hear you about speaking at church, whenever I do prayers I always mess up the order and find myself apologising constantly!

    Say x