Sweet in Pink

Matt has this nickname for me.  He calls me "Sweet Nat", basically every day.  This is probably my #1 favorite nick-name, out of the many (i.e. Little Foot, Lunch Box, Noodle, Google, Noods, Baby Nat.... you get the point).  I love "Sweet Nat" because I wasn't always the sweetest person, if you can imagine that.  I used to be kind of tough (I varsity lettered in snowboarding for goodness sake) and kind of mean (made my best friend cry - not on rare occasion) and kind of stubborn.  Something changed in me when I became a Christian, though, and it is so cool to hear those words "Sweet Nat" come out of Matt's mouth, because it means he recognizes that there is something in me that is born of God and not of myself.  

I felt like this outfit captured the "Sweet Nat" that he so frequently mentions.  Also, I couldn't help but post the face picture.  You'll see. 


[headband: H&M // vest & sunglasses: Nordstrom's // dress: F21 // shoes: UO]

Happy Hump Day!
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  1. hahaha the face pic is too funny, cute outfit! love the shoes :)

  2. Love that dress!! I'm a huge fan of lace :)

  3. I love the lace dress so pretty. I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for "The Sunshine Award" check it out on my blog.


  4. you are so freaking cute. this dress is great. you look fantastic in this dress. so cute and skinny.


  5. Loving this entire outfit. You are lovely :)