Peach and Brown.

I think it is ironic that my first day out of t-shirts I went for a t-shirt like sweatshirt... thing.  Oh how it changed me!

[sunglasses/watch/shirt (on sale): Nordstrom's // skirt: F21 // wedges: UO]

On a more serious note, I the whole week I was fasting from cute outfits, I felt more connected to God. I felt like He reclaimed me as His daughter instead of letting me continue on as the world's daughter.  I felt challenged and lit on fire again.  I felt vulnerable and weak, not-so-pretty and blah, but being close to God is so much more important than the next outfit.  

I now have $7 to donate somewhere.  A whomping 7!!!!  But next month will be another 7, and so on and so forth.  And remember, for every two days you wear t-shirts in a row (if you are an outfit-loving type of person like myself), I will donate $1 to my t-shirt jar, which will eventually be donated to a Christian organization!  So jump on board.  

If 7 days seems like too much for you...... 
My mom had a great idea.  Maybe I (and you???) can consider the clothing-fast in the same way we consider our money tithing - 10% of the days in 1 month is 3 days.  For 3 days, could you tithe the luxury of your closet?  God has let you keep 90%..... that's pretty nice of Him. :)
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  1. This outfit is so adorable. You are beautiful!


  2. I love your comment "God has let you keep 90%." :) And I do like your cute outfits, too.

  3. the 10% idea is really humbling! amazing when you think about what you could do with 10% of your time also! thanks for the reminder and inspiration :)

  4. i wear tee-shirts almost everyday lol. love them! so comfortable! i wish i could be as stylish as you, nat!