OBEY. And no underwear.

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday......
Ohhh that poor girl's life.  


Happy Friday to you all.  Hubs is coming home today and I couldn't be more excited!!  It's also Bible study day with my gal pals.  It's also the night when the coffee shop I work at turns in to a bar and serves drinks/has live music.  It's just an all around good kind of day.  
Cheers to that!

[dress: Obey from Exit Real World // watch & sunglasses: Nordstrom's // socks: mamma santa :) ]

Why in the world would I be wearing black ankle-high gold-toe socks with my new dress?  and a Nike sports bra, you ask?  

Here's why.

 Fashion isn't about what the hottest trends are.  Fashion is about personal style and what you feel most comfortable in, because as long as you are comfortable and confident... you are the most beautiful.  And this outfit is dang comfortable.


Tagging on to my awkward moments from yesterday's post.... queue completely awkward moment that happened last night.....
I went to the gym with my beloved friend Rachel (who took these photos!!!! Nice work) and took 2 hour long classes.  That means, I was pretty stinky and sweaty.  So we got naked and sat in the sauna and steam room, chatting about Jesus and growing up and all sorts of other things that girls talk about in steam rooms.  Then, we went to go leave.  I had packed: a dress (see above), a clean sports bra to wear, and shoes.  NO UNDIES.  
I was praying it wasn't windy outside. 
It was.
Thankfully, I didn't have a REALLY embarrassing moment.  But climbing into the car was interesting, to say the least.
Oh well.
It has to happen to us all at some point in our lives, right? 

Also, will somebody PLEASE buy me this honey bee blazer from Anthropologie??? I think I'm in love. 
And the pants.  But they're a lil' steep ($178 steep).

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  1. LOVE the polka dot pants...but they are too steep for me too :(

  2. oh, the pants! those are fantastic. plus i love freedom in being comfy/fashionable. such a great combo.
    loved perusing your blog!
    xoxo ali