Leopard print, curls, and Numbers.

This morning, Matt and I got to do a husband and wife Bible study.  I think we missed last week's, and he's gone all day tomorrow, so we seized the opportunity to spend some quality time - just us and Jesus.  

We read in Numbers today.  I know, arbitrary.  I had asked Matt if he wanted to continue reading the history in Genesis that we had been studying a few months ago, to which he responded "Nah."  Haha.  So unpredictable, that man.
Seconds later he said, "How about we read Numbers 13?" And with a little grin and a bit of a confused look I'm sure, I said "Sounds great."

It's really amazing how the story of Israel is far applicable than we like to think it is.
We read about the FIRST time the Israelites come to the Promised Land, about 2 weeks after they have fled Egypt.  TWO WEEKS.  I mean, God had it planned for them to walk the 10 day journey and spend the rest of their lives in paradise, in a land perfectly prepared for them.
But no.
The Israelites didn't trust God, and they send in 12 spies to check out the Promised Land before they entered.
Due to this lack of trust, God sent them wandering in the desert for, oh only like 40 YEARS so that the entire unbelieving generation would die off.  Of the 12 spies who went in to the Promised Land (and came back with reports about giants and nations of great strength...), only two, Joshua and Caleb, remained faithful to what God had promised. 

The other 10 spies saw giants, Caleb and Joshua saw the fruit.
The other 10 spies feared the giants and peoples of the land and trusted their domination, Caleb and Joshua feared God and saw his faithfulness.

My husband brought up a great point this morning after got done reading this passage when he said, "I wonder what God has right in front of us that He has prepared perfectly.  I wonder if we miss it sometimes and end up settling for something else, or wandering for years before returning to what He prepared for us years ago."

How can we know??  Step out in faith - do something that seems scary that God might be calling you to do.  The reward for the faithful (like Joshua and Caleb) is great - sometimes even as great as a whole Land of Promise. :)

Have a blessed weekend, and don't forget... enter that Monday giveaway!!  Winner will be drawn this coming Monday.
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  1. thanks for sharing nat! this is a wonderful reminder :)

  2. just found your blog via awkward girs. you're adorable and i'm now following :)

  3. stopping over from awkward girls, and I just adore you! You are the cutest thing, and I really love this post. What your husband said was spot on... I wonder what God has planned... :)
    xoxo. Margaret

  4. Cute outfit! I enjoyed your q and a at awkward girls!



  5. so i am just the tiniest bit obsessed with you & your blog after reading your bit on the awkward girls. i think you just seem like the sweetest, most genuine gal. & i love your philosophy, your faith...and i haven't even gotten to your sartorial wits, girlfriend. ok. maybe i'll shut up now before i start to sound nutso, but i'm just so excited to have found your blog! looking forward to following along. xo.