If you haven't figured this out yet, my husband is out of town.
Hence the lack of pictures.  
Maybe I'll get one of my friends to come take some one of these days, but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying the laziness that summer entails.  Also, riding my bike to work!!!

In March of 2011, my sweet, sweet husband came home one day from work and asked me to "help him unload the weed eater" - or something like that.  
This was my facial expression when I saw what was REALLY in the back of his car....
[expecting a weed eater....]

[genuine surprise! these moments are tough to catch.  great job hubs.]

[so excited]

Remember that list of summer activities I wrote about yesterday? (or was it the day before? I have lost track of time already.....)
Well, yesterday I hung out with my great friend Rachel who I haven't got to spend much time with since her return from Latvia.  It was amazing.  We did Centergy (checking off another item on my summer list), which is an amazing workout class that mixes Yoga/Pilates, we cooked a meal, we talked, we ate.... it was much needed girlfriend time.

And today, I'm riding my bike to work to do a Bible study before serving customers with joy and enthusiasm!!

I have decided that GovCup is not only my place of employment, but also my mission field.  Who says you have to go to another country?

Have a blessed hump day!

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  1. I need to get my bike out! I love that he captured your surprise! Have a great day!

  2. so fun. i'm with melissa ... i need to go find that bike of mine. now where could that be?

  3. i love your blog! love that you are so excited about your new bike, and how great it is that you ride it to work! you are too cute.



  4. what a cute surprise pic...i've been wanting a bike too!