Husband and Wife.

Sometimes, I feel more love for my husband than other days.  Sometimes it has to do with what he does for me, other times it has nothing to do with him and everything to do with how much I'm willing to sacrifice for him.  Lately, I just can't get enough of this man.  

I don't mean to say that our marriage is just sunshine all the time.  There are days.  Letttt me tell you.  Well, maybe some other time.

It's Wednesday folks. You know what that means.  Hump day.  Except, it kind of feels like un-hump day over here with it being finals week.  Study day?  Pft.  More like Pick-up-an-extra-shift-at-work-day and make some tips. :)  College ain't payin' for itself!
So happy hump day to ya.

Here's one picture for you since Oregon is being pooooo and it's been raining.  Sweet.

But I got new shoes!  A real grown up pair of black pumps.  Every girl should have one..... can somebody please explain this to my husband??????? 

[shoes: enzo // skirt/blouse : H&M // vest/watch: Nordstrom's // glasses: F21]

And just because we've been so love-y lately.....


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  1. You guys are so cute. Love your new shoes too! I once had a pair of black pumps like that, and then my parent's dog tried to EAT THEM so they had bite marks in them. Why? I'll never know. Hahah.