Hippie ish [and giveaway winner!]

Happy Monday, friends.
If you came over from Awkward Girls and bumped my followers up to 100+, I am baffled.  Where do I even begin?  Who are all you wonderful people??  
Anyway, I am really looking forward to getting to know more of YOU, and I'm so glad you're all here.

Now.  On to my hippie-ish outfit from the weekend.  I was really feelin' the Oregonian in me.

[shoes: SIL's // skirt: F21 // top & watch & headband: Nordstrom's // bandeau: UO // bracelet: Pink Ruffle Etsy shop // ring: Bittersweet Boutique]

And now to announce the giveaway winner from last week's H&M gift card giveaway:
Congratulations to Fawn!
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  1. I followed you because your blog is awesome and you seem lovely :) I love your style- I love your skirt and shoes!

    Say x

  2. I just started following you as well, and I love what I see. I love the outfit and I am a huge fan of headband. Lovely.


  3. I am loving your style, lady! I am a fellow sponsor of Running in Stilettos and found you through Holly's write up. Looking forward to following along :)

  4. i'm a new follower from Awkward Girls! aaand you'll be happy to know that, upon finding you, i read every single thing you've ever posted. creepy? probs, but i think you're presh and i'm so glad to have you on my bloglovin. you impeccably mix feminine and masculine styles without ever being dainty or heavy-handed. can't wait to follow along for the summer!