The end.

In an hour and a half I will be sitting through an awesome French final.  I have only been studying for like TWO DAYS STRAIGHT.  I'm pretty ready to knock the socks off of this thing.
It is the end to a beautiful semester.  I can't believe summer starts on Wednesday. 

Also, I am a major dork.  I woke up at 5am with my sweet husband to have him take my pictures (.... why does writing this out seem so much more ridiculous than it did in real life?) and then I forgot to upload them.  

So now I'm at Govcup taking pictures of myself with my computer.  

I'm sure the customers just think I am completely self-absorbed.

[long sleeve T: Target // striped T: j.crew // watch & vest: Nordstrom's // glasses: F21]

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  1. I LOVE that vest with your outfit! I've accepted that people are going to look at me weird when I'm taking photos in the middle of the street...lol...oh blogging, how I love thee.

    1. Hahah!!! Something all us bloggers must overcome..... too funny! I haven't worked up the courage to move the street yet. I'm still in the back-yard picture-taking phase for the most part. :)

  2. haha cute pic. i definitely still do the backyard-picture-taking. and then avoid eye contact with our neighbors..oops! :)

  3. ahhh you're SO cute!

    congrats on almost being done :)

  4. those customers know nothing. :) good luck on the final!