Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

It's back.  The awkwards and awesomes.  Sometimes it just needs a vacation.  Also, I am about to bombard you with instagram pictures because this t-shirt thing doesn't necessarily make for great outfit pictures.  

Eating a sausage and being so mentally grossed out that I couldn't even look at it or smell it.  Why does my brain have to get in the way of my food consumption?

Having the mustard sauce that said sausage was dipped in hit my throat in a funny way, causing me to SPEW mustard all over the place.  It was like consumption.... but think mustard instead of blood.  Or maybe don't picture either of those things because they are both equally gross.

Matt and I went to REI the other day because he has like 4738290 gift cards, plus it was their big sale and deals were outrageous.  Sometime during our shopping extravaganza, my body decided I needed to pee BADLY.  So I rushed off to the restroom.  You know how sometimes, your undies are looser or tighter than other undies?  Well, I THOUGHT I was wearing my loose undies (I mean, I was wearing them earlier... why would I have changed?).  Apparently, I was wearing my tight undies.  So I sat down with speed and loosely tugged at my panties to pull them down.... but to my great dismay, they did NOT pull down.  I was seconds away from peeing my panties (already seated on the pot, assuming the position and everything, realizing my underwear were still wrapped tightly around my waist...).  It was almost a disaster.  

Gaining 6 pounds randomly.  I am sincerely confused.  My butt is much bigger than normal, which is quite unfortunate for my pants.  I mean, it's almost that time of the month, but really?  C'mon.  I don't need THAT much extra water weight to take care of little miss P.

My best friend Natalie is back in Salem until July.  PTL.

Going to the bank and depositing some $$$ into my own little "Nat savings" account, which also translates as "Nat's super expensive college payment account".  It's such a great feeling.  So great in fact that I held my little receipt with the balance on it allllllll the way home from the bank in my hot little hand, and immediately showed it to Matt with a proud smile on my face when I got home.

Doing a midnight McDonald's run in ..... ahem ..... only our fleece blankets the other night.  Matt says, "Let's do something crazy."  (Mind you, we are already laying in bed with the lights out, tired as dogs.) "Let's go to McDonald's in just blankets."  
I was obviously on board.  Unfortunately, all the mickey D's were closed.  What the heck?!  I didn't even know that place closed down.  
It was fun regardless. :)

[t-shirt day 3 + piano practicing]

[at church - singin']


[my man - undefeated!]

[construction at our church - Matt helping frame]

[the book that started it all!]

[new app discovery]

[gluten free chicken nuggets and potato salad at lifesource natural foods]


[t-shirt, day 4]

I am so grateful to my wonderful boss who has allowed me to wear t-shirts with logos/prints on them during my cleansing week.  As long as I don't "look like I just rolled out of bed", I am good to go. 

Also, a HUGE thanks to everyone who shared encouraging words with me yesterday.  I am so glad to hear that some of you will be joining in with me!  I think the blogging community could make a really big difference in the world.  Let's rally! :)

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  1. Lovely post! I love the awkward moments so cute and funny. All the pics are great to.


  2. the "McDonald's blanket trip" is cracking me up! so fun! & funny ;)

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog and so glad i did!!