Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

[shoes: SIL's // skirt/necklace/vest/sunglasses: Nordstrom's // sequin tank top: j.crew]


Self picture taking.  It just is.  We've all been there.

My 50+ year old neighbor's shorts.  SERIOUSLY.  I know they call them "shorts", but, c'mon.

The fact that I cry while reading any cheesy forwarded message.  I'm not kidding.  I start crying when I read little stories posted on facebook, too, that may not even be true.  What is wrong with me!!!  Just such a tender heart? :) I like to think this.

The developmentally challenged man who comes into GovCup, and pretty much every day tells me that I have a beautiful soul and that I'm "just so genuine and beautiful, but in the most appropriate way".... after I have clearly asked him not to say these kinds of things because I am married..... poor guy.  Il ne comprends pas. 


It's Thursday and I don't have to work until ... probably Monday.  Which means I have nothing to do.  Literally.  This is amazing.

Knowing that on Sunday I won't have to do any homework for Monday.  Was this redundant?

Matt comes home tomorrow.  !!!

We are working the Health Fair here in Salem at LifeSource Natural Foods on Saturday!  Little honey business is not doing too bad!!

Saturday activities also will include going and getting all my annual flowers with my mom and mrs. Shelley Heller.  One of the best days of the year.

Sunday is mother's day, and my school's graduation.  Whoa.
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  1. this outfit is perfection! i want it all :)

  2. oh my gosh!! Love that outfit. The shoes especially...not sure if I could pull off yellow though. And as I've said before, I LOVE awkward/awesome thursday posts!! :)