Can you believe it?!?!?!  (Insert overly-giant sigh releasing all tension from week).  I only have 2 weeks until finals.  Holy.  What has happened?  I am beyond ecstatic for the summer time to be here - I'm dragging myself through thick mud to get through these last few assignments. 

[shoes: UO // skirt: Target // neon tank: Nike Dry Fit // Graphic tank: H&M // cardigan & sunglasses: Nordstrom's]

Why the summer excites me so:

1) BIBLE STUDY TIME!  Every morning.  In a coffee shop.  Just me and my Jesus.  I can't wait to have that time back.
2) Tennis with my husband. Yayyyyy. :)
3) Fixin' up this little 'ol blog of mine just a wee bit more.  
4) DIY projects up to here (you are picturing my hand by my face, aren't you??)  For hours.
5) Brown skin that stays warm even hours after soaking up that wondrous vitamin D.
6) Reading books that I pick out, rather than ones that my professors pick out.
7) Being in LA with the whole Larson clan.  Can you say parrrr-tay?
8) Nannying my favorite 4 year old around these parts - Miss Ruby Reed.  How I miss those cute little feet and that beautiful smile!

Surely there are more things about summer that I can't wait for.  Surely.

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  1. So I just found your blog and I already feel like we're long lost friends! I loved the story about how you met your man! My husband and I also have one of those weird, God-showing-off kind of stories (don't you just love when he does that?!)! Anyway, you've most definitely got me hooked! Especially the bit about coffee shops and Jesus! Can't wait to read more!

    A Sigh and Sanity