This is what today is like.

Earlier this week, the iPhone told me it was going to be raining all day every day - there wasn't even a corner of a little sun icon in the forecast.  Boy was that little iPhone wrong!

It has been beautiful the last few days.  It's got me itching for summer.  Oh wait... there's that whole finishing papers and presentations thing that needs to happen first.... and somewhere in there is a trip to Vegas.... holy moly.

shoes: target // shorts & fedora: H&M // blouse: j.crew // sunglasses & bracelet: Nordstrom's // necklace: Hawaii street vendor '08 //]

[I could eat a whole box of nut thins in one sitting.  Not kidding.  Actually I'm sure it's happened.]

[Ohhhh little tulips - you bring this girl so much joy]

A quick shout out (okay.... I do this like every day) to my husband......

// He takes my pictures every stinkin' day when he's in the middle of work.
// He had dinner ready for me when I got home from work last night.
// He claimed to have almost gotten a "tongue cramp" from trying to finish his snack so fast last night so that he could come to bed with me.
//He texted me today and let me know that he's going to be gone until the evening.

Basically, that man is a stud, and he is such a great leader for this little family of 2.  I love him with all that I am.
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  1. this is the perfect casual look! I love it.

  2. Sweet necklace! Also, our shirts are matching-ish today. Great minds obviously think alike. Laughing at your husband for his "tongue cramp" comment, haha.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  3. LOVE those cute little shorts. I am dying for white shorts this summer- and dyign for weather enough that is warm enough to wear them in!

    I found your blog through Living in Yellow- i've loved looking around! You're adorable!

    new follower :)

  4. love the outfit!! that fedora is super cute and nut thins where did you buy those? i am intrigued