stripes on stripes, friends, and a lil' weekend.

Lots to share today.

First of all, this is what happens to my outfits when I have a sinus infection for a weak.  Throw on anything that is nearby.  Including leg warmers.  And call it good.

[leg warmers: American Apparel // shoes: Danskos // long shirt: gift // sweater: F21 // hat: H&M // necklace: candy lee jewelry // watch: nordstrom's]

Second, my husband and I have been like two kids in love all over again lately.  Seriously.  I can't get enough of this guy.

Third, this is nail color that describes my need-for-spring currently.  Mod square.

Fourth, I have wonderful friends who I spent a lovely evening with on Sunday night - watching husbands play indoor soccer and cooking all kinds of kabobs and tillapia and quinoa.  Not to mention the wine.... it was a great night with great company.

[note my leg warmers are stilllllll a part of my routine currently.  That's because Oregon always forgets to act like spring.]

I'm pretty excited to share my next DIY project with you.  My friend Megan is helping me make a pillow.  Stay tuned for pillowy-pictures. 

Haaaappppy Tuesday!
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  1. You are adorable. And so is this blog.
    I'm sorry you had to experience the dealings with a sinus infection. Those are not fun at. all.
    Excited to see pillow pictures!


  2. So I just found you from Living in Yellow. And I gotta say, I find you totally adorable- leg warmers and all. And I love that you and your husband are so in love :) You have great style. I'm a new follower and I'm looking forward to reading through your old posts and seeing more.

  3. Love your blog! I also found you from Living in Yellow. I just started following.
    Tess @theframedlady.com