spring has officially arrived.

Quite possibly one of the best Saturdays (and weekends) I have had since the year began.  I didn't do a pinch of homework (thank goodness my professors do not read this blog.... much less know of its existence) on Saturday.  Zip. Zilch.  Here's the quick run-down.

To-go dinner from our fav local restaurant.

Dessert (hot chocolate) and shopping at Old Navy and World Market - taking all the time in the world.  Holding hands was a requirement.

Friday nights at Govcup - live local music, beers, wine, and great company.  Plus a little bit of a tipsy Natalie had everybody in giggle fits.

[my tiny cup of wine.  yes, in an espresso cup.  yes, that means I can only handle 2 ounces of wine.]

The famous husband-wife Saturday morning bible study at Govcup.

Oh, and the walk from our house to Govcup that preceded said study.  

Planting sunflowers.

Shopping in Portland.

Surprising Matt at our honey warehouse in Washington.  That boy worked 9 hours to get the shop all ready for multiple-jar-filling.  He's amazing.  

Talking about the honey business in general.  It was so fun driving to Eugene on Thursday to pick up more squeeze bottles for our emergency order from Chuck's Produce - who has sold out of our honey.  Again.

[By the way, can somebody pinch me please?  Is this fortune for REAL?!?!?!?!]

Visiting the in-laws and catching up on too many days that have passed since I saw them last.

Sunday morning church with Megan and Jarrod.

Pillow making (read: Megan telling me what and how to do the pillow making and me nodding and following along as best I can.... newb).

Baaaasically my dream weekend. :)

[shoes: UO // skirt and blouse: h&m // neon tank and bangals: F21]


Once again, it's back to my reality..... school for a week + a few days, Vegas, final papers...... THEN IT'S SUMMER.  Whoa whoa haosdjfa;sldfjk.  

.... I'm trippin'.  :)
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  1. You totally brought a smile to my face today! I am so glad that you had a great weekend. And I sooo can't wait for summer! Cute outfit too.. :)

  2. I would totally pick this weekend over studying any day. Smart girl.

  3. the weather was AMAZING here in Portland. Just found your blog through the Pacific NW blogger, excited to follow along :)

  4. you look sooo cute, and what a fun weekend!!