A sneak peak of the trip.

Well, I arrived today around 10am.  And yes, this is the first time I've been able to get internet.  Things aren't free around these parts!

Anyway, it's been an interesting first day.  I couldn't check in until 4 ish when my sister-in-law arrived because my name wasn't under the room number.  Lame.  So I wrote my final paper in a hotel/casino lobby.  You can just imagine people's faces as inquired as to "where a good place to do homework" was. Nice.

After Nikki got here, things started looking up.  I finished my first draft of the paper sitting safely in a comfortable (and freaking beautiful) hotel room, overlooking the Bellagio fountain show.  Apparently we're VIP, which included free drinks of our choice upon arrival, and the Chief of Marketing hooked us up with an awesome room.  And then sent up champagne.  

Nikki and I perused the strip a bit and did some shopping (bachelorette gifts... you know).  Here's a couple picsssss!  Not much yet, the girls haven't arrived and tonight is a down night.   Until tomorrowwww!

Note the streamers.  :)
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