Just a Tuesday. And some shoulder action.

Well obviously when I saw this shirt I had to buy it.  That's not entirely true.  When I saw this shirt hanging on its' hanger, longing for an owner, I actually thought it was a cut-off shirt.  Wrong!!!  But I loved it anyway.  

[shoes: Target // skirt: H&M // blouse: F21 // bangals & necklace: F21]

By the way, I am crushing extremely hard on this here spring jacket.


and psssstttt..... check my "we got married" page.  it's new. :)

If you'd like, pop over here for a visit today to hear all about my new bee suit. :)  
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  1. honey, your shoulders could not be any more beautiful. love the look.

  2. The "we got married" page is supa adorable! And girl, you can pull of skirts better than anyone I've ever seen. SO jealous!


  3. I love the top and the jacket you are stalking. Also, I really loved reading the story about how you and your husband met. You are going to have the best story to tell your kids one day:)