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Hey all.  No pictures this morning.  Why you ask?  Because I have stats at 8am.  That's why.  And it's actually 10pm right now and tomorrow I will be getting from my bed to my closet to my classroom as fast as humanly possible so as to savor every last moment of sleep.

So.  Some business to take care of.  Last Tuesday's giveaway winners are.......

Tesiah for winning the sponsor spot on my page for 30 days!!  Email me your 200x200 button URL:  natalieglarson@gmail.com! 

Congrats to Rachel Allen on winning my bundle of handmade cards!  Send me an email with the cards you would like (i.e. Happy birthday, for the bride, etc.) and your address and I'll get them off to you!  

Happppyyy Tuesday.  I'll be back.  Later in the day.  Not before 8am statistics.  :)
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