in other words.....

[heels: Madden Girl (TJMaxx) // skirt: F21 // top: Exit Real World]

The tag on my new shirt that says "dry clean only" actually means "I will never wash this shirt ever."

Sometimes "I'm going to take a quick shower" can be translated as "why is it so cold in this household?"

Student Scholarship Recognition Day should just be called "Definitely Sleep In Today If You're Not A Senior".  (That would be today.  Hello getting up at 9am wonderfulness.)

The words "well, it's still improving..." coming from my piano teacher's lips is just a nice way of saying "how can you be learning this piece at such a snail's pace???"  I'm sorry prof.  It's just that Bach is kind of hard - my hands don't like to do different things.

Sometimes, "I'm going to clean the house after I do my blog...." means, "I'm going to clean the house.  In like 5 hours."  :)
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  1. I take showers when I'm cold, too.

  2. Haha, I hate things that are dry clean only. I usually just ignore it and put it in the washer anyway and hang it to dry. Your polka dot skirt is too cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. lol! i do the shower bit at least once a week! :) Super cute skirt! :)

  4. This skirt is so lovely. I want one for Spring! :) I found your blog on Fashion and Faith and I'm so glad! It's so cute!


  5. I am in love with this skirt!!