Easter weekend.

Well, what an absolutely fabulous weekend.  I don't know about you guys.... but this was probably my favorite weekend of 2012 so far.  I LOVE Easter.

The sun even came out.

But before the weekend, there was all this.....

Worship leader Grae, Ryan Bell and Sherlai in the background

After the 11am service was over at church yesterday, I had a text message on my screen from my Big Stud Husband (and yes that is his name in my phone) that said: "Meet me at French Press."  That boy.... he knows how to really get me.  
Wonderful Easter date with husband.

Crepes and Coffee.

The Easter outfit.  [skirt: j.crew // blouse: Nordstorm's // earrings: Exit Real World, made from recycled skateboards // shoes that you can't see but that's okay: TJ Maxx // glasses: F21]

Hope you all had a faaabulous weekend celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and have a great Monday!

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  1. Sounds pretty amazing! And I love the color of your top on Easter!

  2. This is precious. I love the spontaneous coffee date with the Mr.
    Hope you had a great Easter!!


  3. Love the headband! You are way more creative with Instagram than I am. I need to get on that. :) Cute Easter outfit! Isn't that one of the best parts of the day? :)