[shoes: AE // shorts & t-shirt: j.crew // watch: vintage show via roost reimagined // sunglasses: Nordstrom's // iced cinnamon orange tea: C/O Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters :) ]

Last night we went to our weekly Outward Community Group.  It has truly evolved into a giant family for Matt and me.  There are 4 goals of our group - family, missionaries, service, and learning.  We were challenged last night to think about which things we do well, and which things we don't do so well.  It was humbling to list off the things (out loud or even in my head) that I think we're "good" at, and then to realize that all our "righteous" acts are a filthy rag before God.  The only reason He is pleased with us is because He sees us through Jesus Christ.  It's as if a giant Jesus is standing in front of us all the time, and God has to look through this semi-transluscent figure to see us, but then we are tinted with perfection, reflecting a love that is too big and strong for us to even imagine.  

The whole conversation made me really thankful, all over again, for Jesus Christ.  At our church, the pastor really hammers home the message: if you don't have Jesus, you don't have nothin'.  He's the reason for it all.  You can be "spiritual" or believe in a "greater power", but if there's no Jesus involved...... the point is missed. 

Isn't it cool that we are viewed by God through Jesus Christ?  It's the only reason we are blameless, the only reason we are forgiven, the only reason we are pure.  I am so thankful for that this morning.  I am a worldly-mess and a sinner without Christ.  But with Him and through Him, I am a blameless, perfect child of God who is someday going to enter my Creator's Kingdom.  !

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  1. LOVE! :o) So true.. and we like having you in the group alot!

  2. What a beautiful thought. I'm so glad I ran across your blog and could read this post to start off my day :]

    Ps. Looooove the outfit. I've been looking for shorts like that for too long now!