Yesterday I noticed that I have 50 followers.  Maybe it's weird to talk about numbers on here, but I just quickly wanted to say: THANK YOU!  :)

[shoes: Dansko // skirt: Target // shirt: Courthouse Athletic Club // vest/necklace/bracelet (which is actually a headband): Nordstrom's]

Today is a workin' day.  That means at 1pm I convert from being a student to being a barista.  The other day I tried to wear light colors to work and ended up staining everything. .... This may have something to do with the nature of my drink-making.... I was at one point nicknamed "splatters" several years ago.  Hopefully things have improved since then, but still... always good to play it on the cautious side with some blacks and grays. 

By the way, are vests still in?  I bought this one in high school and just couldn't resist it this morning.  Shortly thereafter I realized that I haven't seen somebody wearing a vest in about 4 years...

5 things I've been pondering as of late:

1) Draw Something really needs to figure out that I want to buy more colors from the home screen, not just from the draw screen.  I always forget to buy them!  Inconvenient!

2) Why is the inside of my nose the ideal landing strip for the little bug that was buzzing around my head as I tried to enter my house?  What is so enticing about the moist nose, little bug?

3) Come onnnnn summer.  Come on come on come on.

4) Whoever invented the swiffer...... you make my husband one very happy man on a weekly basis.  Thank you.

5) Bible study time, I miss you.  How have you been?  Maybe we should get together for coffee some time soon and talk about Jesus.  That would be wonderful.
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  1. I just recently started following your blog and I LOVE it! I used to go to school in Salem, and now I go to OSU. I love reading about the little things you do, the places you're at, and just life. :)

  2. Love your vest! And the headband turned into a bracelet thing...I like your thinking. I'm going to have to try that out sometime.
    Also, just wanted to let you know, I'm giving you a Liebster Blog award today on my blog! Congrats on your lovely blog, lady! :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.