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Thanks to my wonderful friend and mentor, Megan, for being my blog-photographer for a day!

School again today.  Not just school though.  It's like, goodbye spring break and sickness you better stay behind as well, and hello busiest-day-of-my-non-spring-break-week.  BUT, despite the absurd busy-ness that's about to begin, I am feeling inspired and happier than ever!!!  Why??

Well, today is April 2nd.  On April 25th I will turn in my final paper for my suburbia class.  That means I only have 23 more days of "school".  Granted, there's other classes... including a stats final I have to take from 7-10pm on a Saturday night somewhere in there.... 
but there's also Matt's birthday this month.... 
and VEGAS for Kim's [matt's sister] bachelorette party at the end of April....
and then there's SUMMER literally knocking on my front door.  I can hear it already, and I am seriously thrilled.  Summer starts this month???   AH.  That was a little mini-scream of excitement.

After fall semester's extreme rigorous nature, I am more ready for summer than I ever have been.  I'm so ready to say "YES, it's my senior year, I'm going to GRADUATE in May".  I am so close to that.  So close.

Anyway.  Helloooo back to reality.  I still have exams and papers and oral presentations ahead of me.  But that's okay.  There's so small comparatively speaking.


On a different note, my pastor preached an awesome message over this weekend.  In John's account of Jesus' last days, death, burial, resurrection, etc., there is a very special story about Simon Peter embedded in the language.  As many of us know, Peter denied Jesus 3 times.  The part of the story that my pastor so eloquently pointed out was that one time, Peter is standing around a charcoal fire with the officers who were involved with Jesus' death.  Peter denies being one of Jesus' disciples, and is warming himself in the presence of non-believers. 

Sometimes we can catch ourselves "warming" ourselves to the wrong kinds of company.  And what is Jesus' response to this?  Surely their is heartache.... but the story is so beautiful.

Several chapters later, Simon Peter and John (among others) are out fishing.  They returned to their old lifestyle that Jesus had called them out of.  Peter, probably ashamed, states, "I'm going fishing", almost as if it's that "morning after" feeling, and he's saying, "I blew it.  Let's go fishing, man."  So they head out and have no luck catching any fish.  

Ever feel like the area of your life that you are turning away from God, you are unsuccessful?  These guys experienced the same thing.

Then, so perfectly teaching us about His love and grace, Jesus appears on the shore and calls out to them, telling them to cast their net on the right side of the boat.  When Peter realizes it is the Lord, he jumps into the water in a flurry and swims to shore.  The other disciples come to shore on the boat, and there they find Jesus surrounding a charcoal fire.  This is no coincidence.  This particular kind of fire in Greek is only used TWO times in the New Testament, and each time it is when Peter is involved.  He warmed himself by the fire of sin, and Jesus calls him back to warm himself by HIS fire.

Isn't it beautiful?  Peter denies Jesus three times and warms himself in bad company, then Jesus asks Peter to come warm himself by His fire, and asks Peter three times: "Peter, do you love me?" to which Peter responds, "You know I do."  All three times, Jesus follows this statement with "Then feed my sheep."  

We deny Jesus three times, he reclaims and forgives us three times.  We deny Jesus 400 times, he gathers us to Him 400 times.  I can hardly believe the love and grace of our Father when I read that passage.  

Thanks for reading, and happy 65-degrees-if-you're-in-the-PNW-Monday!
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  1. 1. you have great hair ha and 2. i love this post about peter

    1. Aw, thank you! It was such an encouraging message and a great reminder. :)