Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!

Hi Friends.

So here's the situation: hubs is on the phone learning all about his new job and I'm not quite sure if he'll be done in an hour or two or 10 minutes.  So I'm gonna hold off on the pictures.  But here's a preview, and some awkward and awesome moments for you to entertain yourselves with for this lil interim period...


Putting on lipstick before brushing your teeth. 

Brushing your teeth before eating breakfast (.... and after putting on above lipstick).  Why can't I get the order straight?  It makes for pink toothbrushes and pink gluten free toast.

Being that kid in class who can't sit still or get comfortable.  The result?  A loud BOOM when I try to adjust to one final position: the canon ball.  Yep.  Knees scrunched right up to my chest.  Except the table was a little lower than I anticipated..... I think I actually scared myself with the incredibly loud noise I was able to make during this maneuver. 

Walking into GovCup last night to find my boss and her fiance sitting at a table (15 minutes before close.... whaaatcha guys doin here, huh?)  and awkwardly walking back out of after grabbing empty syrup/beer/soda bottles from the glass recycling in the back..... Hey guys.  Don't mind me... just stealing garbage for a DIY project....


My suburbia professor and his sense of humor.  After months of his comments about French and their idiotic spelling, he clarified yesterday.  "I just hate everybody."   Moments later, we were observing a floor plan for a home in New York, which is complete with a "Morning", "Owner's Retreat", and "Auto Storage".  Upon students pointing out these obscure rooms, he exclaimed, "I LOVE the morning!" and "I LOVE the owner's retreat!" (Note: this is right after he stated that he hates everybody.)  And then my favorite... (in a super snooty voice) "I'm not a mechanic, I don't have a ga-rage.  I store my autos."

Have I already mentioned registering for senior year of classes??? !!!!!!

Getting acid reflux so bad this week I slept sitting straight up.  Not awesome.

The sun that is surprising all of us here in Oregon.... the weather forecast says thunder storms today?  What.

Shopping last night for new work out clothes.  Part of me feels like I'm kidding myself, the other part of me is like a 1st grade girl who just got a play vanity from Santa (which I wanted SO BAD when I was kid... probably asked 3 Santas for it).  But the BEST part was telling my sweet husband that I spent kind of a lot of money today on work out clothes, and 1) having him tell me he spent money too on shoes (!!!!!! this never happens!!!!!) and 2) He said "Good.  Get whatever you want Nat" with a huge smile on his face.  I must've done something right recently, because that was an un-heard sentence in this household.......

Trying new things.  i.e. real grown up big girl lipstick from MAC.  I'm so excited I could peeeeee!!!

Happy Awkward and Awesome Thursday to you!!! 

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  1. Papaya Extract- helps with heartburn!

  2. Hey Natalie!

    I totally just found your blog and I'm so excited to meet another gluten-free girl! Also, your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! Where is that from?