Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

This is me trying to be comfortable, while remaining somewhat stylilsh.  It worked out alright today!

[skirt: gap // shoes: Danskos // blouse: j.crew // cardigan: gap // scarf: exit real world]

Here's another angle.... the instagram angle.... you know.


Making voice memos to myself via the iphone.  I started doing it for convenience, but listening to them is suuuuper awkward.  Especially when other people are in the room and I am trying to write down my weekly awkwards.

I have been listening to the same CD in my car for 5 months.  What is wrong with me?  The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  What am I expecting, some new incredibly awesome emotional response to the songs I have heard 400 times?  Seriously, plug in some pandora or something ya crazy.

Getting the SQUEAKIEST cart at Fred Meyer.  Instead of switching it out immediately for a non-squeaky cart which was about 5 inches away.... I proceeded to walk throughout Fred Meyer holding the right side of the cart up so as to avoid squeaking.  My bicep was incredibly tired after the venture.


Uhhhh meeting with my advisor to schedule my SENIOR YEAR CLASSES.  Holy cow.  Where did college go???

Having the Newmans and Schiedlers over for dinner.  I love friends.

The cold that is taking over my life.  I am putting this under awesome because it is time to start being optimistic, and be thankful for the fact that USUALLY I am not this sick, and it has given me a good opportunity to be stronger (and stop crying every single day because I'm so over it..... which I still do..... but still, I'm growing.)

Also, thanks to Great Harvest for making every Wednesday a truly special hump day.  Wednesdays are gluten-free bread baking days, and I picked one up yesterday still warm.  So.  Good.

Oh, and then later on last night, the fam did some honey labeling.  Getting ready to bring 20 cases of honey to Chuck's Produce for a health fair!!  Pretty awesome, except that it took about 4 hours total to label all the jars.... it's a real job now folks!  We're the honey people.

[straight from the hives into the jars]

You can always find us and our little honey business over here.

Seeeeeeeeeee ya!
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  1. Nat!! HOW DO YOU CURL YOUR HAIR?? i know this is totally not related to your post but you should do a tutorial because it looks AMAZING seriously like every time you post pictures!

    On topic though...I've had a similar squeaky cart experience at Walmart the other day...at least its somewhat more expected there. I love these awkward/awesome thursday posts! They're my favorite :)

  2. on a second note...you know how you have that comment human verification thingy?? usually the "words" they pick don't really sound like anything but the one for my last comment was: "yamed rownlice" which i just thought sounded really funny. :) just thought i'd share!

  3. I love your head scarf! Very cute.
    I listen to the same Pandora station all day, every day, and I've practically got all of the lyrics to every song memorized. I kind of love it, though :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

    1. Your comment inspired me so much that I plugged in Pandora today instead of listening to my CD. Haha. Thanks for the much needed nudge in the direction of change!