Anthropologist In Need of Help from YOU!!

Hey everyone.

I need help.
Next year, I have to write a senior thesis.


Anyway, I'm going to be starting my research for it in the fall.  Which means I'm giving an oral presentation on what I think I'm going to research on the 30th of this month.  Uhhh.... major ambivalence happening.  I can't decide!!!

So, here's what I need.  I need a list of communities, or just ideas, that you guys think would be cool to study.
I'm an anthropology major, and my next class is "methods", which requires lots of participant observation, fieldnotes, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the guidelines:
Stay away from poor people and children (I know, the two most interesting groups!)  It takes forever to get these projects approved, and I basically wouldn't graduate on time.

Here are some things I've thought of:
- Blogging communities/pinterest community - how do these relate to real life?  Are they good or bad?
- Jazz musicians.  They're just kind of funky.
- Gym junkies.  Aka meatheads.  This could be really interesting.
- Yoga.  Basically, some other girl is doing this and I want to do it too because it involves taking lots of yoga classes.  Plus, how cool does "The Anthropology of Yoga" sound???
- The Mexican community in Salem.  But I have no idea what my "question" would be....

That's kind of all.  My original plans were homeless and/or poor people, or working in a high school.... but both of those are kinda out.  So helpppp!!!!!! I have like.... a week!!!!!! (It doesn't have to be my permanent decision, just a proposal).  :)

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  1. Lindy hoppers/swing dancers. They're a crazy subculture based on the revival (in the 90's) of lindy hop, a late-30's swing dance. It's a close-knit national and international community that's absurdly self-conscious.