More from Vegas.

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it's really happening.

Today is my last day of three of my four classes.  Wow.  Suburbia, theory, and french 132... you have been good.  

No time for editing this morning.  I'm off to turn in a final paper (that I wrote in Vegas..... yikes) and give a presentation!  Woohoo!

[top and watch: Roost Re-imagined Vintage Show // pants: F21 // heels: sister-in-law's]

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Vegas day II

Well, today was nothing short of awesome. 
After a late night (3am is like.... 7 hours past my bed time), sleeping on a couch (we had 6 people and 2 beds....) and spending about 6 hours at the pool today..... it's been pretty great.
All the girls are so fun.  We're heading out for another night of adventures, which will involve drinking (for them) and documenting (my job).  

Happy weekend!

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A sneak peak of the trip.

Well, I arrived today around 10am.  And yes, this is the first time I've been able to get internet.  Things aren't free around these parts!

Anyway, it's been an interesting first day.  I couldn't check in until 4 ish when my sister-in-law arrived because my name wasn't under the room number.  Lame.  So I wrote my final paper in a hotel/casino lobby.  You can just imagine people's faces as inquired as to "where a good place to do homework" was. Nice.

After Nikki got here, things started looking up.  I finished my first draft of the paper sitting safely in a comfortable (and freaking beautiful) hotel room, overlooking the Bellagio fountain show.  Apparently we're VIP, which included free drinks of our choice upon arrival, and the Chief of Marketing hooked us up with an awesome room.  And then sent up champagne.  

Nikki and I perused the strip a bit and did some shopping (bachelorette gifts... you know).  Here's a couple picsssss!  Not much yet, the girls haven't arrived and tonight is a down night.   Until tomorrowwww!

Note the streamers.  :)
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Vegas. And finals. Those don't mix.

Okay friends, this week has been kind of crazy.  School's heating up as finals begin next week, and oh... I'm flying to Vegas tomorrow morning.  Stay tuned for Bachelorette Party Pictures!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you're all having a super-happy-hump-day, of course.  Here are some extra-pix from last weekend when the sun still existed.  Cheers to that.

[shoes: gap // skirt/shirt/sunglasses: nordstrom's]

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[shoes: AE // shorts & t-shirt: j.crew // watch: vintage show via roost reimagined // sunglasses: Nordstrom's // iced cinnamon orange tea: C/O Governor's Cup Coffee Roasters :) ]

Last night we went to our weekly Outward Community Group.  It has truly evolved into a giant family for Matt and me.  There are 4 goals of our group - family, missionaries, service, and learning.  We were challenged last night to think about which things we do well, and which things we don't do so well.  It was humbling to list off the things (out loud or even in my head) that I think we're "good" at, and then to realize that all our "righteous" acts are a filthy rag before God.  The only reason He is pleased with us is because He sees us through Jesus Christ.  It's as if a giant Jesus is standing in front of us all the time, and God has to look through this semi-transluscent figure to see us, but then we are tinted with perfection, reflecting a love that is too big and strong for us to even imagine.  

The whole conversation made me really thankful, all over again, for Jesus Christ.  At our church, the pastor really hammers home the message: if you don't have Jesus, you don't have nothin'.  He's the reason for it all.  You can be "spiritual" or believe in a "greater power", but if there's no Jesus involved...... the point is missed. 

Isn't it cool that we are viewed by God through Jesus Christ?  It's the only reason we are blameless, the only reason we are forgiven, the only reason we are pure.  I am so thankful for that this morning.  I am a worldly-mess and a sinner without Christ.  But with Him and through Him, I am a blameless, perfect child of God who is someday going to enter my Creator's Kingdom.  !

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a birthday. and some weekend pix.

Happy birthday, Matthew.  You are the best gift from God I could have asked for.  
You are more than the list of things I hoped my husband would be.
Every thing you do is perfect to me.
I am so glad that God chose YOU for me, and ME for you, so that we could work through this life together, glorifying Him, holding on when it's hardest, and loving each other like crazy.
You da best.

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Anthropologist In Need of Help from YOU!!

Hey everyone.

I need help.
Next year, I have to write a senior thesis.


Anyway, I'm going to be starting my research for it in the fall.  Which means I'm giving an oral presentation on what I think I'm going to research on the 30th of this month.  Uhhh.... major ambivalence happening.  I can't decide!!!

So, here's what I need.  I need a list of communities, or just ideas, that you guys think would be cool to study.
I'm an anthropology major, and my next class is "methods", which requires lots of participant observation, fieldnotes, etc.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here are the guidelines:
Stay away from poor people and children (I know, the two most interesting groups!)  It takes forever to get these projects approved, and I basically wouldn't graduate on time.

Here are some things I've thought of:
- Blogging communities/pinterest community - how do these relate to real life?  Are they good or bad?
- Jazz musicians.  They're just kind of funky.
- Gym junkies.  Aka meatheads.  This could be really interesting.
- Yoga.  Basically, some other girl is doing this and I want to do it too because it involves taking lots of yoga classes.  Plus, how cool does "The Anthropology of Yoga" sound???
- The Mexican community in Salem.  But I have no idea what my "question" would be....

That's kind of all.  My original plans were homeless and/or poor people, or working in a high school.... but both of those are kinda out.  So helpppp!!!!!! I have like.... a week!!!!!! (It doesn't have to be my permanent decision, just a proposal).  :)

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every morning.

I spend the beginnings of my days here, as many of you have probably picked up on.  It's my little haven.  My haven going on almost 6 years now! 


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Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

You know what's awkward?  Me not writing down any awkwards this week, and also not feeling like conjuring up all my awkward memories. 

So ha.  
Just kidding, I do feel a little bit guilty.
Blogger's guilt, if you will.
Maybe later today.  But no promises. :)

[shoes & skirt: target // white blouse: F21 // striped long sleeve t: j.crew // belt: h&m]

Please note the awesome whiteness of my legs.  I'm pretty sure they are begging for sunshine at this point.
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you are wonderful.

Just FYI.
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in other words.....

[heels: Madden Girl (TJMaxx) // skirt: F21 // top: Exit Real World]

The tag on my new shirt that says "dry clean only" actually means "I will never wash this shirt ever."

Sometimes "I'm going to take a quick shower" can be translated as "why is it so cold in this household?"

Student Scholarship Recognition Day should just be called "Definitely Sleep In Today If You're Not A Senior".  (That would be today.  Hello getting up at 9am wonderfulness.)

The words "well, it's still improving..." coming from my piano teacher's lips is just a nice way of saying "how can you be learning this piece at such a snail's pace???"  I'm sorry prof.  It's just that Bach is kind of hard - my hands don't like to do different things.

Sometimes, "I'm going to clean the house after I do my blog...." means, "I'm going to clean the house.  In like 5 hours."  :)
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Just a Tuesday. And some shoulder action.

Well obviously when I saw this shirt I had to buy it.  That's not entirely true.  When I saw this shirt hanging on its' hanger, longing for an owner, I actually thought it was a cut-off shirt.  Wrong!!!  But I loved it anyway.  

[shoes: Target // skirt: H&M // blouse: F21 // bangals & necklace: F21]

By the way, I am crushing extremely hard on this here spring jacket.


and psssstttt..... check my "we got married" page.  it's new. :)

If you'd like, pop over here for a visit today to hear all about my new bee suit. :)  
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spring has officially arrived.

Quite possibly one of the best Saturdays (and weekends) I have had since the year began.  I didn't do a pinch of homework (thank goodness my professors do not read this blog.... much less know of its existence) on Saturday.  Zip. Zilch.  Here's the quick run-down.

To-go dinner from our fav local restaurant.

Dessert (hot chocolate) and shopping at Old Navy and World Market - taking all the time in the world.  Holding hands was a requirement.

Friday nights at Govcup - live local music, beers, wine, and great company.  Plus a little bit of a tipsy Natalie had everybody in giggle fits.

[my tiny cup of wine.  yes, in an espresso cup.  yes, that means I can only handle 2 ounces of wine.]

The famous husband-wife Saturday morning bible study at Govcup.

Oh, and the walk from our house to Govcup that preceded said study.  

Planting sunflowers.

Shopping in Portland.

Surprising Matt at our honey warehouse in Washington.  That boy worked 9 hours to get the shop all ready for multiple-jar-filling.  He's amazing.  

Talking about the honey business in general.  It was so fun driving to Eugene on Thursday to pick up more squeeze bottles for our emergency order from Chuck's Produce - who has sold out of our honey.  Again.

[By the way, can somebody pinch me please?  Is this fortune for REAL?!?!?!?!]

Visiting the in-laws and catching up on too many days that have passed since I saw them last.

Sunday morning church with Megan and Jarrod.

Pillow making (read: Megan telling me what and how to do the pillow making and me nodding and following along as best I can.... newb).

Baaaasically my dream weekend. :)

[shoes: UO // skirt and blouse: h&m // neon tank and bangals: F21]


Once again, it's back to my reality..... school for a week + a few days, Vegas, final papers...... THEN IT'S SUMMER.  Whoa whoa haosdjfa;sldfjk.  

.... I'm trippin'.  :)
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