Good afternoon bloggy friends.

This weekend is the opera.  Here are a few characteristics of what that means for my week.

1) This is how my face and hair looks all the time.

Whoa.  I know.  Playing a gypsy girl is awesome, let me tell you.

2) I have rehearsal from ehhhh 5-midnight ish every night.

3) Every single time I open my mouth to talk to my husband, it's a story about the opera (or things that take place in the dressing rooms).  I'm sure he is over it at this point.

4) My outfits consist of sweats as much as possible and baggy t-shirts.  Oh, and never mind my unwashed post-pin-curled hair that is stiff from hair spray......

So today, husband and I decided to get away from my opera-consumed world for a while, and go to the meadows for some snowboarding and skiing.

..... I only went on 2 runs.  I am such a wimp.  It was super windy and my face I think literally turned to ice.
The best part of my day was our "tradition" of stopping at Starbucks in Sandy on the way home.  Cozy, chai..... way better than a freezing cold face and no food at the mountain.

And by the way, did you know my husband is the funniest?

Barista-lady: What can I get started for you?
Matt: I'll have a short hot choc.......
(Other barista-lady sets down a platter of samples)
Matt:.... I'll just have one of those.

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