sanding: what I wore.

This is going to sound really dorky.  Just prepare yourself for severe dorkiness.

Sometimes, I like to dress for the role I will be filling.  If I am going to be in meetings and class all day, I like to wear a skirt with a blazer.  If I'm not seeing anybody important or doing anything important, I like to wear tight jeans and an overly baggy sweatshirt or t-shirt with a big scarf.  This outfit-to-role-matching thing makes me feel more like I am focused on what I am doing that particular day.  

SO, naturally, when I needed to go and sand a bunch of stuff for the opera to give it a 'distressed' look (kind of an artsy thing to do, right?), I decided to "dress", to my best ability, as an artist would.  Hence the white button up shirt, danskos, glasses, rolled up sleeves, and scarf-in-hair.  The look was inspired by a combination of these two at-work looks I found from one of my favorite blogs, (and she's French!!!) Garance Dore.

By the way, I have some incredibly exciting news to share with you.  But I'm not allowed to yet!!!!  I can't even hardly keep my fingers from spilling the beans!!!  Stay tuned. 

Also, congratulations to JESSICA, who not only was the only one to enter my honey giveaway (jeez guys), but is also the winner.  :)  I'll connect with you via facebook and get a honey-drop-off-pick-up figured out! :)
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  1. i found your blog! wish i had known about it before that honey giveaway because i definitely would have entered. :) very adorable, keep blogging and maybe i'll learn something about fashion from you, ha.