decor updates.

I don't post a lot about my decorating changes, but lately I have been doing a lot around these parts.  Here are a few of my latest projects/purchases for Spring.

[real deals]

[real deals]

[from husband for the opera]

[vase + green sticks: real deals // puffs: craft warehouse]

[pillar: antique bazaar // lantern: pottery barn // burlap sack: Building Materials Recycled // books: The Arbor // ladder: Building Materials Recycled // Pepsi crate: antique show // flowers: from my wonderful church girls for the opera]

[rake: building materials recycled.  We broke it, then drilled a hole in the back of the handle to hang it]
The rake idea I got from Pinterest:

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  1. I am incredibly jealous of your house if the rest of it looks like these pictures! Gorgeous! Loving your blog. :)

  2. Hey girl I just wanted to let you know that I keep trying to email you about the group guest post and it keeps on returning it to me as a failed delivery. If you have a different email address please send it my way (livinginyellow@gmail.com) I don't want you to think that I am ignoring you! :)

  3. love the jewelry rack!! it's a brilliant idea!