Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!!

The bum who was watching me take these pictures of myself just now.  Helloooo.  This is what middle class citizens do, bra.

The little tickle-scratch that I do with my tongue on the far back-roof of my mouth.  It makes me make this really strange face that might read something like "I'm gagging", "I'm choking", or "I'm super weird, just turn away."

People who try to veer left when walking around you.  We are in America people.  Go right.  Then this awkward moment would be completely avoided.

Scramble with Friends, via the iPhone.  I am in a perpetual state of humiliation with that game.  In other words, my sister-in-law is busy scoring between 500 and 900 points per round, and my average is about 102.

Playing the role of a gypsy in an opera, which requires saying things backstage like "I need another cigarette", "Hey I can see your bra like... 100%", and in general, being barefoot.  My feet are so dirty I have just given up.

The weather.  Oregon.... FAIL.

The bum watching me take pictures of myself.  [See awkward event #1].

Triple reward points at Nordstrom today.  Hello new pair of awesome shoes for husband + perfect maxi skirt.  You are beautiful.

Scheduling my hair appointment.  Cue giddiness/inner 5 year old!

The opera is this weekend!  But even more awesome than that.... no more rehearsals.  PTL.

Turning in my 2nd Anthropological Theory exam on Monday, and banging out my Stats exam today.  BOOYAH, school.  

Have an awesome [and maybe even awkward???] Thursday!
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