Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!!

[skirt: Double Zero from Bittersweet Boutique // shoes: UO // jacket: F21 // top: target // headband: nordstrom's]

According to the lady at the Boutique I bought this skirt at, the "short long" look will be in this spring and summer.  And according to other blogs and runway pictures I have seen, I can't say I disagree.  Also I love it.  I tried it on and immediately wanted to purchase it.  


The janitor that was cleaning Smith Auditorium while I was sanding tables.  Go.  Away.  Already.  I just want to listen to French music and pretend I live in France and am an artist.  C'mon. 

My husband not telling me I had a piece of kale in my tooth literally the entire time we were at our friends' house.  We got home and he said "By the way, you had kale in your tooth the whole time.  It wasn't that obvious though."  I went in to the bathroom and barely opened my mouth - and there it was - glaring at me and mocking me - this giant, I mean giant, piece of kale.  "What do you MEAN it wasn't that obvious??? I didn't even have to smile and you can totally see it!"  What kind of friend doesn't tell you you have kale in your teeth?  

Screaming in the middle of opera rehearsal.  Let me clarify.  Every Tuesday and Thursday night, the opera cast does rehearsal with the orchestra.  We sit behind the all and stand up when it's time to sing our parts.  Well, at two different parts in the opera, there is screaming that cues the orchestra to come in.  One time, the scream is done by all us girls from off stage.  The other time, it's only done by one girl.  Well, I was doing my homework during rehearsal and not paying 100% attention to which scream we were at, so the singular girl did her lovely scream and then I looked up rapidly from my book, shrieked as loud as I could, and then was extremely embarrassed because about a milisecond after that scream I realized.... nobody else is screaming.  I am an idiot.  Nice.  Stop reading while at rehearsal, Natalie.  Figure it out.  And of course, there was much laughter.


My husband made me dinner the other night!!!!  I was exhausted, un-motivated, and hangry (hungry and angry because I was hungry).  It was awesome.  So awesome.

Having a weekend off.  Matt and I got to do yard work and go for a bike ride, not to mention all the quality time we spent just lazyin' around loving each other (mush mush mush... I know :) )

Eating at Wild Pear TWICE this week.  Yup.  My favorite restaurant.

Having Artie and Radwyn come to Salem to watch me in the talent show!!!!  We loved spending time with them (... Matt's parents..... btw...).  It was such an awesome time and so relaxing.  

Finally getting our honey labels finalized.  I am so over trying to design honey labels.

And last but not least.... the exciting news I have been waiting to announce.  Matt got a new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am so proud of him.  Now instead of selling insulin pumps to patients, he will be selling Roche diabetes care to insurance companies (you know, little stuff like to Blue Cross Blue Shield's board of directions.  NBD.)  It is such a blessing to be in the position we're in, and I'm so, so, so proud of him.  He is good at everything.  Seriously.    Congrats baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. you are very beautiful! and i love this outfit. you have a great blog - i definitely can't wait to see more of it xoxo