Awkward and Awesome Thursday!!!

But first......
I have been craving Spring time.  And just when it seems like Spring is so close....
I wake up to snow today.  What the.

Anyway.  It got me looking at Spring outfits on Pinterest.  Lots of ways to go with Spring (preppy/stripes, lace, floral prints, neon).  Here are some looks I love.

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What are your staple Spring time items???  I'm always on the lookout for new ideas, so leave a comment if you've got some.

Having a mini-fight with my sweet husband at dinner for our Valentine's date.  The waitress was probably thinking, "shhhhhut. up. already.  I'm trying to take your order."

The fight-ender that settled our entire conversation.  Matt decides it would be reeeeeal funny to get a mouthful of ice water and spit it across the table and onto my face.  I actually think this particular event should go under both awkward and awesome, because despite my efforts to be P. O'ed, we both just laughed it off.  Through chuckles, Matt squeaked out a "I can't believe I did that", and I squeaked back "I can't either."

Kissing scenes in opera.  It's just awkward.  (I am thankful not to be in said scenes).  Basically ever chance I get during rehearsal, I find a way to watch the kissing scenes.  And then snicker to myself. 

A girl leaving my statistics class on Tuesday because she was soooo mad at the professor's lack of ability to explain a darned thing.  Oh, and his follow up comment (with an Indian accent) "Come to my office if you have question.  Do not distract class."  Her face was the color of a tomato and I actually think I saw steam come out of her ears.  It was awkward for all of us though, because we were all on her side.  But just wanted to stay in our seats.

My mood swings this week.  One minute I love my husband, the next I am allllll up in his face because he dared to ask me how my day was.  How could he.

Getting accepted and getting ready to sing in Willamette's Got Talent this Friday!  Our annual school talent show.  Woot woot.  I didn't make it last year (auditioned with my own song.... mistake number 1). But this year I am ready to rock some "Make You Feel My Love" (which by the way was not written by the beautiful Adele, but by the legendary Bob Dylan.  If you didn't know that, now you know.)  Oh... in front of basically my whole school.  Can you say nervous?

Finally making a blog button!!!!  Oh, and sponsoring my first blogs!! I am so excited!  (If you're here today from Living In Yellow.... welcome.  Glad to have ya.)

The opera is actually one week later than I thought.  This.... is awesome, because it means my super-crazy-stressful 2 weeks are actually stretched out over a miraculous 3 weeks.  Hooray!

Getting to nanny Ruby Reed Garrison today.  I am so excited to see that girl.  Remember Ruby Tuesdays from the summer time?  She is turning FOUR today.  I can hardly believe it.  I am so blessed to get to hang out with this kiddo.  

Have a great Thursday! 
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  1. Just read your "About" section and I feel for you! I am a wife, just graduated nursing school, am a nanny (and was a barista) and well, like to blog too.

    Anyway, your blog is cute. New follower!

    xo Taylor