13 ways to keep your marriage kickin' - the Larson edition.

Matt said he would wake up to take my pictures this morning but he was just too darn sweet when he was sleeping!
[Boots/top: Target // Blouse: Nordstrom's // Skirt & Glasses: F21, Hat: H&M]

Well, I am finally going to share some of the ideas that Matt and I had to keep our marriage fresh.  Hope you're all on the edges of your seats and have your notepads out.  As one of my favorite pastors always says, "If you're taking notes, write this down.  If you're not taking notes, repent, and write this down."

1) Surprise each other!  For example, my Mondays are crazy.  I got home today at 6:15 after getting up at 6:30 for a long day of school and barista-ing.  When I walked in the door, my sweet husband had candles on, "Times" by Tenth Avenue North was playing, and he had a snack all laid out for me on the table.  It was so comforting and made me feel so loved.  Plus, we had to rush out of the house again for community group so it meant a whole big lot that he was thinking ahead about what I needed.  That guy.

2) Hope this isn't TMI..... but we wrote... "Have make-out-only nights".  You know.  It keeps things spicy.

3) Cook culturally-specific meals.  And do it together!  You know.  Thai night, Chinese night, Italian night, Greek night... you get it.  It's such a fun way to spend an evening.

4) Go to the park.  [In the summer when Oregon stops being so lame and gray!]

5) Have 2-person dance parties.  Seriously, it's a blast.  Especially David Guetta Pandora.  Noooot even joking you.

6) Snowboard and ski together.  It is so important for us to engage in hobbies that we both love together. It is a real special time and makes us feel like best friends.

7) This one I put stars around in my notebook....... *Dress Matt up in attire of Natalie's choice*.  It works, by the way.  He let me buy him some new looks from H&M a couple days later... and I mean... it really works.  Pictures will be coming.

8) Do house projects!  Check and checkkkkk over this past weekend.  We love to re-arrange, re-create, re-furbish, renew....  anything with a re in front of it actually.

9) Play music together.  We both got the passion, and when we both play, it's double the passion.

10) Play tennis and go for bikes rides.  Man.  After re-reading through these (another re!) I feel like we've been doing pretty darn well.  That probably means Jesus has some humbling lesson or tough time ahead for us...  Anyway.  Being active is the best!  And we love to do it together.

11) Matt = come hang out at Willamette with Nat.  I love feeling like my school life meshes with my home life, and it is so special to me when Matt comes to my campus.  It makes it feel like he wants to be a part of what I'm doing down there.

12) Study the bible and pray together about everything.  

13)  And... again... hopefully not TMI here.... but have lots of sex.  We actually didn't write that one down, but I would be a fool not to mention it.  It's so important, and anybody who's married would agree.  Keepin' the sex life healthy keeps the emotional life healthy.  There's a balance to be had, but it's such a perfect intimate love and it was created by GOD for me and this man only!!!! How great is that!  Anyway.  Enough about sex.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!!!
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  1. did god make you perfect for me or what?!

    man i love you