when life catches up.

I'm sure you can all relate.   But these last few days have been absurd.  Illegally busy.  Actually, the last two weeks have been basically a constant stream of busy-ness.  My husband and I spent over an hour tonight just laying around catching up because we haven't seen each other for more than a few minutes as of late, and he's going on another trip soon.  All I can hear in my head are those fateful song lyrics, "Father time steals our days like a thief...."

So please excuse the blogging absence while I get my life back on track and try to take my French exam tomorrow morning (and if you think of it, pray.  Hard.  I seriously do not speak this language.)  Oh and never mind the 12 pages of exam-hot-mess-ness that I have due on Wednesday for Anthropological Theory.  Or the Statistics exam that is haunting my dreams that I will come face to face with on Thursday morning at 8am.....
Or you know.  All the other homework I have to turn in in between.  

But who am I to complain?  I come home to a warm bed, a stocked fridge, and a summer time of freeness that I can almost SMELL (but not quite because you know.  it's still February).  Somehow - in the midst of what feels like the apocolypse: homework edition - I am so grateful and so peaceful.  Le sigh.  
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