Happy hump day!!

[boots: madden girl  // socks: husband's // tights & dress: nordstrom's // boyfriend button-up: j.crew // hat: h&m // eye shadow: mac]

So, I can't believe how many comments I got on this outfit, because, you know those days when you're thinking "Ughhhh what the heck.  Why don't I have any bottoms to wear.  And why haven't I invested in some spunky yet fashionable black top?  Why aren't any of my jeans working with this?"  In hindsight, these questions are all ridiculous, because one certainly could not count the pairs of jeans/skirts I have on one two hands.  Anyway. That was me today.  And this was the outcome.  But hey, it isn't called "urban anthropology" for nothin', folks.  Let's just say I was really after that great PNW look today (and of course it was 44 degrees and raining sideways all friggin' day.  Coooold legs.)

On an entirely different note.....
I got the most flattering email today from my anthropological theory professor.  She has recommended me to be a consultant for the writing center at my school!!  I was flabbergasted.   On top of this, she also asked me to be her peer consultant for her music themed anthropology colloquium class in the fall (which is a fancy way of saying she wants me to be the writing center consultant that works personally with all the freshman that will be in her ethnomusicology class - i.e. meeting with them 3x throughout the semester and helping them write their first college papers).  I've been so giddy about the opportunity all night, because in high school I was thee worst paper writer.  And I mean the worst.  Like really bad.  So this is a milestone, people.  A large, fatty milestone.

Lastly, check out this delicious kale-strawberry-shaved almond-onion--rasperry vinagerette salad.  Booyah.  Thanks mom and dad for tipping us off on the health benefits and deliciousness of kale (I made Matt massage it, by the way.  He was not happy.)

[Nevermind the popcorn I ate around 10pm..... that dish didn't quite make the picture-on-the-blog-cut.... for understandable reasons....]

Have a happy, humpy day.
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  1. Woohoo! SO cool about your large fatty milestone and all of the encouragement from your prof. That is truly a woofer of a compliment. You awe. And loved the kale salad story...

    1. Haha I thought you would like that!! It was so funny. You should have seen the look (and the 'tude) he gave me. :)

      AND the opera is a week later than I had in my head.... so actually my weeks aren't AS crazy as I thought. All good things!