Some frizz and some frenzy. And some green.

Today my piano lesson was cancelled.  After all that huff and story telling about him entering the room with force (see yesterday's post), he was sick today.  I was so excited to get my iPhone out when he left and start videoing myself so that when he came back I could catch my face on tape.  Not happening today though.  Maybe Thursday.

The frenzy: Well, the not so frenzy part is that I got an extra hour this morning that I don't usually have.  Hence an early blog post!  Hurray!  On a more frenzy-ish note, we had review this morning for our EXAM in Statistics that is next week.  Yuuuuck.  It was, to put it lightly, discouraging.  Oh, and the review in French class yesterday for our EXAM that is on Friday.  Even more discouraging. 

The Frizz:  My hair.  This is what happens when I fall asleep with a giant wet-shower-bun-of-hair on top of my head.  But it kind of works.

The Green:  My scarf AND my shirt.  Whatever.  I got ready in about 25 minutes this morning.  Including my new Mary Kay makeup.  And I never wear makeup.

[shirt/tights: target, scarf: gap, boots: Madden Girl, skirt: Nordstorm's, socks: husband's, glasses: F21]

Take it from me Tuesday:  The sometimes serious and sometimes not-so-serious advice from Mrs. Natalie Larson:

Take it from me, a 2,000 mg vitamin D and a calcium chewy every day makes for one happy person.  And sometimes some monkey faces (see above photos....)

Have a great Tuesday!!!
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